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We have nothing to say just for blabla!, but ...
Do you think chocolate might generate geniuses ? We don’t!
The real question is : Why is Switzerland the world's #1 producer of Nobel laureates ?
Mr Bernhard Riemann had the good idea to pass through the mirror to see the
Zeta Function in 3D Reality and he discovered the prime numbers alignment! Why ?
We don’t know, we just discovered that a Universal Equation of its own Distributions
looks more like a Chimera than a real scientific reflexion; project your mind outside...
When Mr. Schrödinger thought about his Famous Cat-Box Concept, laying at the top of a cliff,
do you think he forgot to consider the fact of what time is ? And finally who might die first ?
The Cat or Mr. Schrödinger himself ? And after all, where was the beginning of this story ?
Everybody knows Mr. Planck in relation to the Last Limit of Knowledge itself concerning
the "Silent-Bang". Seriously, why did it have to be a "Big-Noisy" or even an audible one ?
Never forget that the Reality of Pure Information is Fully Static, sounds can’t being heard over there!
Listen, hear that song, everywhere you can try to see a rhythmic sequence through your ears...
Try to think about how "rhythm and tick" themselves might be useful to project your mind outside of the box...
Historical arcans, religions, pre-sciences and all evolutions up to today were engendered by ordinated sequences...